Compressed Air Dehydration Packages:  A desiccant dryer or an adsorption dryer is a core product of Indcon. With almost every Refinery in the Country having at least one or more installation of Indcon engineered and manufactured Air Dryer.

Apart from the Refineries, Indcon make Air Dryer packages are installed in the most challenging conditions on off-shore platforms, on-shore drilling and processing plants, fertilizer plants, Pharmaceutical plants, textile plants etc.The list of installation for our Air Dehydration packages is both exhaustive and impressive.

Gas Dehydration Unit (GDU): As one of the few approved manufacturers in the Country of the Gas Dehydration Unit, Indcon has expertise in engineering and supplying both Molecular Sieve Based and Glycol Based Dehydration packages.

We have worked diligently over the years to provide the most optimum and innovative solutions for the removal of moisture from gas. With our in-house expertise on the subject we have references for supplies of Molecular Sieve based dehydration packages and also TEG based dehydration packages for ONGC, Oil India.

Inert Gas Generators: Indcon make Inert Gas generators find applications in Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food and many other process industries.

Gas Filtration / Separation / Conditioning Packages: Modular packages for Gas Filtration and Separation and conditioning find their applications in the Oil & Gas and power industry. With very stringent and challenging working conditions, our packages are delivered with complete mechanical, electrical and instrumentation Guarantees as a plug and play solution for our clients’.

Chemical Injection / Dosing Packages:    Chemical injection packages find their application towards improvement in oil recovery, removal of formation, corrosion inhibition etc. Indcon has engineered and supplied many Injection packages which have been installed in various locations including off-shore oil processing installations, Refineries, Gas Processing plants, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) fields etc.

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